Posted on: January 17, 2009


This/Is är ett relativt okänt band från Australien. Med fjuttiga 8000 views på Myspace så vinner de electro-bloggarnas hjärtan världen över.

Discodust om This/Is:

“this/is are a new production duo from sydney and they’ve already got love and lots of plays from the likes of teenage bad girl, les petits pilous, the bloody beetroots and d.i.m.! so if that isn’t enough already, it seems it’s my turn to convince you of their greatness.

in fact, this/is are so good that i have bugged them numerous times to hand over their floorfiller ‘w.h.s.l. (what happiness sounds like)’ and now i finally succeeded! while i haven’t been posting much on the more banging and driving side of things recently, mainly because i wasn’t excited about anything, i wanted that track by this/is so bad because it’s easily one of the best electro tracks i’ve heard in months! vaguely reminding me of the best days of dada life, ‘w.h.s.l.’ just seemed so much more energetic compared to everything i checked out recently, so there was no way i was not going to feature it on discodust! enjoy!”

THIS/is – W.H.S.L. (What Happiness Sounds Like) Ladda ner (här)


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